Improve your Spanish fluency and instruction

This online master’s program is among the few in the U.S. focusing on Spanish education. Through the program, you will gain advanced pedagogical strategies plus linguistic and cultural fluency to enhance your teaching in middle school, high school or college-level Spanish classrooms. 在线 courses in Spanish, language acquisition and foreign language pedagogy will expand your expertise while keeping you current in the latest research about the language. Some coursework can be completed through study-abroad options designed to further enhance your Spanish language proficiency and cultural experiences. 

The program serves as professional development for in-service teachers to qualify for an increase in the salary schedule or to teach AP-level courses. The program can also prepare you to enter doctoral programs in Spanish education.

Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Spanish education

Career Opportunities with a Master's in Spanish 教育

  • High School Spanish Teacher
  • Middle School Spanish Teacher
  • Community College 教师
  • Adjunct Instructor
  • 讲师
  • Cultural Programs Director
  • Study Abroad Trip Leader

"You learn a lot, even in the Spanish language just for yourself, not even to be a teacher,to be somebody who speaks and has a certain 水平的 proficiency in Spanish. I also learned how to be a more effective educator when it comes to foreign language. My experience has been incredible, and I feel like a much better and more well-equipped educator because of the program."

Danielle Turner

Spanish 教育 M.A.Ed.

Benefits of a Master's Degree

A graduate degree helps you advance your career by qualifying for higher positions with additional leadership opportunities. The median salary for those with master’s degrees is 16% higher than for those with an undergraduate degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.