General Studies: Flexible, Comprehensive, Core Curriculum

The general studies curriculum for undergraduate students at the University of Nebraska at Kearney eases transferring and gives students greater flexibility in earning their degree.

The general studies program - known as LOPERs – Learning Objectives/Program Essential Requirements requires to 30-31 credit hours of general studies classes. The total credit hour requirement for a bachelor’s degree remains unchanged at 120 hours. Requiring only 30-31 general studies hours makes it easier for students to add a second major, minor, or teaching endorsement.

The Program also seeks to ease transfer for students from community colleges. To view the appropriate requirements, click a button below that applies to your catalog year:

To view the appropriate requirements students should refer to the academic catalog for their catalog year.  Students on the 2020-21 catalog should refer to the 2021-22 catalog for approved general studies courses.